Protecting Your Most Important Asset

It’s a natural desire to want to wrap your child in cotton wool and protect them from harm. But while cotton wool might protect them from sticks and stones, the reality is that children are as much at risk from suffering a traumatic event as adults.

No one likes to think of children getting sick, however one look at the points below shows that sadly enough it does happen:

  • There were 581,182 children aged 0–14 years admitted to hospital in 2010/111.
  • There were 600 Australian children diagnosed with cancer in 20122.

If tragedy strikes, you want to focus on your child and their recovery, not on the family finances.

Trauma Cover for your kids can be as little as $2 a day, but well worth the add on to your existing insurance policy to give you that peace of mind.  At least you know that should something happen to one of your children, you know you don’t have to worry about money as your insurance will cover it.

Many Trauma Cover/Child Cover policies will paya lump sum of up to $250,000 if your child suffers one of 38 specified child trauma events. This means you can take time off work, access the best medical treatment available, and ensure your child is as comfortable as possible.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch with me.

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