Living in Queensland means that we have to be prepared for extreme weather occurrences during our summer storm season which can extend from November through to April.

Cyclone and severe storms are a major threat during this time and can cause extensive damage to property and the environment alike.
  During this time, it is a good idea to prepare your home to minimise possible damage.

Check your roof and gutters and repair and clear as necessary.  Minimise damage from branches and trees by trimming and tidying up.  Also, ensure that any outdoor furniture, trampolines or large toys are secured so that they do not blow away.

Is your insurance for your home, contents, vehicle or boat up to date? - if you are unsure - contact your insurance broker immediately to ensure you are fully covered.

Make sure you have a battery powered radio so you can listen to the most up to date weather broadcasts.
Create an Emergency Survival Kit - a detailed list of essential items to include in your kit are available at


For a full list of facts on preparing your home and what to do in the event of, during, and after a cyclone or severe storm, is located on this site


Having a business premises in Queensland means that you need to be mindful of the damage cyclones and severe storms can do to your business and the surrounding buildings.

It is a good strategy to have plans in place to minimise the risks associated with damage from a cyclone or severe storm in your business as this will assist in keeping your business running or get you back up and running much quicker in the event of a disaster.

Are your premises secure and are any signs or roofing in need of reinforcement or repair?  Do you have an up to date Business Continuity Plan in place, and are staff well versed in what they need to do if an event such as a cyclone or severe storm occurs?

Is your insurance adequate to cover your business and business interruption? - if you are unsure contact your insurance broker and reassess your situation.  A reassessment costs you nothing.

Remember that there could be unexpected delays in repairs and possibly no electricity for large affected areas, so this needs to be taken into account when you factor in your Business Interruption coverage.

The following Government website has some comprehensive guides and checklists for businesses and it is recommended that you take some time to work through these checklists as they may be of great value to you and your business.


Happy Cyclone Season Everyone!  Remember, be prepared and you’ll have very little to worry about.

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