Who Pays For Your Insurance in the End?

At this time of year a lot of families travel and enjoy time with their loved ones over the festive season.  While it is an enjoyable time for most it is also a time of year where more accidents occur. 


The reality is road deaths are on the rise across our country. According to the Federal Government's BITRE Annual Road Deaths Australia Report, alarmingly there were 39 deaths on Australian roads last Christmas period (2015), which was up 2 per cent on the previous year. These statistics are a timely reminder to not only travel safe and take all the appropriate precautions when on the road at Christmas time, but it also indicates that people need to be prepared for the worst and have their affairs in order.

So let me ask the tough question – do you have your affairs in order before you set off on your holidays this year?  If not, it is worth going and seeing a financial planner and lawyer and making sure your life insurance policy, will and power of attorney documentation are up to date.  It is a negative thing to have to think about at this time of year I know, but an imperative one in my opinion.


The truth is if you aren’t adequately covered, someone will have to pay the price at some point.  The lack of protection always costs someone along the line and more often than not it is your loved ones that are inevitably left behind who are forced to foot the bill, struggle to pay the mortgage, work harder to make ends meet and miss key life opportunities, like being able to afford quality education when children are involved.


A lack of protection when a loved one is lost can hit the family left behind quite hard financially.  I have seen it happen many times before and it is heart breaking to witness.  Getting your affairs in order before you set off on your journey needs to be a priority and if you seek advice from a qualified financial planner and lawyer then the process will be a hassle free one and can be done in no time as we’re used to doing this kind of thing for people on a daily basis.

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