General Insurance for Small Business

Trades, Trucks, Excavators, Public Liability and Tools Insurance.

Based in Far North Queensland Cairns


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What we Do

We can help your business with insurance services such as:

Public Liability

Truck & Excavator cover

Sickness & Injury Insurance

Professional Indemnity

Tools of the trade


About Us

It’s good to be with KIB!

There are many general insurance products on the market.

Products vary between companies, and you should always read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before you purchase cover. You also need to make sure that the cover you take out is appropriate to your level of risk.

KIB Insurance Brokers

Business Insurance Advice

Insurance is often misunderstood and treated as just another business expense. KIB Insurance Brokers can help you understand your insurance portfolio as it should be effective risk management tool helping to protect both you and your business.


We can help you with:


    Consolidating your insurance portfolio.


    Highlighting potential pitfalls in under-insured or non-insured areas of risk.


    Assistance in claims lodgement.


    Understanding and interpretation of policy wording and insurance schedules.


    Access to a wide array of specialty underwriters and insurance products not available in the direct market.


    Achieving “Value for Money” with your insurance premiums.