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Insurance is often misunderstood and treated as just another business expense. KIB INSURANCE BROKERS can help you understand your insurance portfolio as it should be – an effective risk management tool helping to protect both you and your business.

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Our office in Woree, Cairns

KIB INSURANCE BROKERS is specifically focused on insurance advice to clients and maintaining strong client relationships.

Seeking advice from insurance companies was often difficult for individuals and business as insurers were bound by what advice they could offer prospective clients.

KIB INSURANCE BROKERS seeks the advice on behalf of its clients, and with more than 20 years in the industry, its representatives have a strong knowledge of what clients should look for in comprehensive insurance cover. When it came to the aftermath of Cyclones Larry and more recently Yasi, many people who had sought insurance themselves on an independent basis found they were under-insured. Up to 80% of people who dealt direct with their insurance company were under-insured.

They were not getting the correct advice.

Clients have to trust KIB to give them the right advice and KIB are mindful of this responsibility.

Compared with the under-insurance of people dealing direct with Insurance companies, less than 20% of people who had liaisons with brokers were under-insured.

KIB INSURANCE BROKERS want to offer the right advice.

As brokers, we represent clients to the insurance company and seek an outcome which is in the best interest of the client.

Graham Koch

Continuing its tradition as a client-focused business, KIB INSURANCE BROKERS always puts the client’s needs first and works on building a strong relationship. Such relationships ensure the business knows exactly what its clients’ needs are and is able to meet them.

KIB has its roots firmly set in Cairns and Graham Koch who founded, and continues to run the business, is involved with the Dr Edward Koch Foundation. The Foundation supports organisations caring for the health of Far North Queenslanders and was formed to honour Dr Edward Koch who was the medical director of the Cairns Hospital in the late 1880s.